MCS Steel Public Company Limited is a steel fabricating company. Moreover, as part of its ongoing policy to enhance the standard of living of staff members, the company also provides a peaceful residential area for company staff as well as inspectors sent to MCS by clients.      

The company’s site includes residential units for staff, a nursery, a first aid department and various shops . MCS has, in addition, supported the establishment of a school.

 The company has also donated land to the local county office for the convenience of employees  . All of these elements serve to constitute what we have termed.

 “MCS Village”, which forms part of the company’s long-term development plans. At present, over 600 staff members and an additional 800 family members reside in six boarding houses. This policy has enabled our workers to avoid accommodation problems and transportation issues that have troubled other companies.

Childcare centers
Medical care for employees
Support the school
Support the creation of municipal